I’ve been a movie fan all my life. I’ve always had thoughts and opinions about films but I often only shared them with a few friends and some family. After some time I decided maybe it’s time to start sharing my ideas with anyone who wants to read them. So naturally I started this blog.

While I’ve seen many many movies in my life, I haven’t seen them all and I especially haven’t seen all the ones many consider classics. I also have learned quite a bit about the art of cinema, but compared to others I’ve barely even scratched the surface. In many ways I’m an amateur film buff which why I refer to myself as a “Primitive film lover”.

On this site, I’ll be sharing things which include:

-Movie reviews for movies new and old.

-In depth opinions and analysis of movies and their subjects.

-Essays and thoughts on anything and everything movie related, from theaters to fan culture to thoughts on genres.